Online Practice for Vedic Mathematics

Master Mind’s Vedic maths program brings to you unique means of practicing mathematical sums and calculations on an online platform through its Speed Building Software. Mathematics is a subject which is needs huge amount of practice to get thorough with it. There are a lot of complexities associated with it and so children develop a disinterest in the subject. The practice from books becomes often monotonous and boring.


Our innovative technology, the Speed Building Software provides the students with a friendly environment like that of a video game and so practicing maths problems become interesting. This not only ensures increased practice of sums but also generates a magnetic interest towards the subject.


The characteristics of Speed Building Software are:

  • A lively and vibrant environment similar to online/video games
  • Large store of questions to be attempted
  • Gives instant results of the questions answered and submitted
  • Provides a refreshing and relaxing platform for maths practice
  • Incorporates fast calculating skills in children


The mental maths of children gets improved through this software as it enhances the ability to do speed maths and calculations in a shorter time frame. Learning Vedic maths at Master Mind gives a pleasant and satisfactory experience to all the students.



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