Vedic Math programs at Master Mind

ImageUnderstanding the varied needs of students, we have simplified their mathematical solutions through the assorted Vedic math programs. Our Vedic math programs are namely: Class wise, Rapid and Advanced which have been structured to suit students studying in different levels.


Highlighted under are the unique features about these 3 courses:

 1.      Class wise Program

This is a program which has been structured for the school students of class 7th to 12th. The curriculum is divided in such a way that the students easily relate the course of study with their school syllabus. Individual books for each class are given to students according to the level they study in.

 2.      Rapid Course

This is a crash course that has been designed to brief the students on all the math topics. The students can brush up their math skills through this course and get acquainted with math formulas that increase their speed and accuracy.

 3.      Advanced Course

This is an exclusive course that has been arranged for students studying in higher grades (i.e. class 11th or 12th) or those aspiring to attempt for entrance exams like CAT, GRE, and Bank PO etc. The students are taught mental math techniques that increase their efficiency in competitions.


Choose the Vedic mathematics program that best suits your requirement at Master Mind. Learn the Vedic math tricks and be an expert in speed math.








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