Does ‘personal attention’ count for students?

Teachers are a driving force for students. They have an integral role to play in shaping the child’s career. Personal attention from a teacher is the strongest factor that motivates a student to excel in his/her studies.


It is a teacher’s responsibility to give personal attention to every student because only then can they teach effectively in a class and attain higher success ratio. A teacher’s success is measured as per the performance of students’ in his/her class.


Results of Personal Attention


Giving personal attention to students will always bring out their best. It should therefore never be neglected. The effects of personal attention may not be spoken of, but can certainly be observed as it:


  1. Builds an undefined bonding between the teacher and pupils creating an ambience of faith
  2. Develops a feeling of belongingness inside a classroom
  3. Helps overcome all the weaknesses as the student’s are regularly motivated
  4. Makes student more interactive and outspoken
  5. Involves more participation of students increasing the scope of concentration
  6. Improves grades in examinations and competitions
  7. Makes learning an experience that can be cherished.


How do we ensure personal attention in our course?


One of our major requisite to start any batch of Vedic mathematics is that we admit only 12 to 15 students in a class. This way we make sure that all our students are given equal attention by the teacher. Hence it is convenient for the teacher to evaluate them better and adopt methods that are easy to understand.


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