Patience: the key to success in Mathematics

ImageImpatience is a feel or a state of mind that obstructs an individual to reach his/her desired goals. It becomes a part of a personality that restricts him/her to overcome panicking situations. Patient people are more positive and successful in all the courses of life as they ‘reason’ things and not react to situations. It also gets implied on studies, especially on subjects like mathematics.


Mathematics is a subject that involves dealing with large complex numbers, and requires high level of patience, stability and coordination between the mental activities. For ensuring success in math, it becomes essential for an individual to be patient while solving mathematical problems.


How can one increase their patience level?


Cited are the ways by which one can attain higher level of patience and thus benefit by increasing their scholastic grades:

 1.      Develop a will to stay calm

Impatience can sometimes be considered as a choice. If you are strong enough to stay calm and don’t react negatively on situations, you will automatically become patient. Self-control is what you require. Try to eradicate panic from the regularly occurring events of life.

 2.      Go slow!

Doing thing hurriedly or in a rush will not help every time. Think before you act. Every decision or choice you make should be well-thought and an outcome of rationality. Avoid offending yourself and others with your actions.

 3.      Get distracted

Here, distraction means different. If anything drives you in a state of panic, try to discover ways that will distract you from getting more into it. It may be listening to music, moving into a peaceful space or sometimes referring to the very basics.


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Math practice: Is it boring for you?

ImageStudying mathematics for many children is often accompanied by boredom and a feeling of repulsion. Mathematics is a subject that requires high level of understanding, attention and interest. Only then it becomes possible for a child to score and succeed in the subject.

Cited in this post are 3 ways by which math can be fun for students.

 1.      Solve activity or game based mathematics




Games are the most interactive platform for kids as they make them involve completely and there isn’t any scope of distractions. Activities and games indirectly enable a child practice basic (and advanced) math operations with ease, thereby increasing their calculation speed, accuracy, and concentration skills. Boredom is then, no more an issue of concern.

 2.      Exercise and Relax

Math is not only a play of mental activities, but it is a lot more. For efficiently solving of math problems, it is necessary to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. It can be attained through good nutrition and diet, proper exercise and required amount of rest. If kids stay healthy, they are more adaptable to lessons being taught in class and become comfortable with math as a subject.

 3.      Encourage participation and Open discussions

Make the student speak what’s on their mind and discuss their thoughts. Do not restrict them from sharing what they feel. Engage them into classroom and home activities that are participative and offer appreciation for their role. This increases their confidence and thus minimizes boredom to creep in the course of math study.

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Tips to prevent learning loss of kids during holidays

 It’s the festive season and all schools are closed for vacations. These holidays are like refreshment for kids as they get a break from their regular routines and studies. But, these holidays sometimes affects the continuity of learning for children. Especially a subject like mathematics requires a lot of practice, and holidays limits this activity.


So, how can parents prevent this learning loss during holidays?

Here are some ways by which parents can involve kids into activities that engages them and adds to their learning.

 1.      Make them practice Math Problems

Though math practice will not be a fun during vacations, make your kids solve only 4 to 5 questions a day to keep in touch with the subject and school syllabus. This will certainly help the children bridge the gap and cope up in the areas where they lag and develop effective math skills.

 2.      Get them activity books or games

Companies like Master Mind have structured books which involves math practice through games, enhancing their mental math skills. Also, online games are an available option that can be adopted for learning calculations without being bored.

 3.      Turn daily tasks into learning

Involve a few tasks in the daily routine of kids that will make them count, calculate, deal with numbers etc. to make them perform mathematics unknowingly, thus building a strong foundation for math.


Students and parents call follow these tips to enhance their scholastic skills and avoid loss of learning.

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Why math requires high level of accuracy?

Mathematics is the science which highly depends on the level of accuracy involved. Unless there is no accuracy in solving the mathematical problems, the answer derived would be incorrect. “Accuracy” means being free from errors, is correct and true.

In theoretical subjects, you can frame the answers in your terms if you know how it has to be done. But, math expresses a single language through which the right solution has to be extracted. This becomes possible with the help of accuracy.

The factors that determine the level of accuracy are:

  • Understanding of the concept/theory
  • Concentration abilities
  • Approach to solve a question
  • Application of right logic

All this forms the basis of mathematics and so accuracy becomes a primary consideration for it.

Learn to be accurate in math

Vedic mathematics which is the fastest calculating system utilizes tricks and math formulas that increase one’s overall efficiency through its accurate methods. It is the system that makes math more interesting and convenient to be studied.

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Vedic Math programs at Master Mind

ImageUnderstanding the varied needs of students, we have simplified their mathematical solutions through the assorted Vedic math programs. Our Vedic math programs are namely: Class wise, Rapid and Advanced which have been structured to suit students studying in different levels.


Highlighted under are the unique features about these 3 courses:

 1.      Class wise Program

This is a program which has been structured for the school students of class 7th to 12th. The curriculum is divided in such a way that the students easily relate the course of study with their school syllabus. Individual books for each class are given to students according to the level they study in.

 2.      Rapid Course

This is a crash course that has been designed to brief the students on all the math topics. The students can brush up their math skills through this course and get acquainted with math formulas that increase their speed and accuracy.

 3.      Advanced Course

This is an exclusive course that has been arranged for students studying in higher grades (i.e. class 11th or 12th) or those aspiring to attempt for entrance exams like CAT, GRE, and Bank PO etc. The students are taught mental math techniques that increase their efficiency in competitions.


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Get Rid of Finger Counting


Finger counting

mastermind vedic maths

Are you fed up of your child doing calculations and counting on fingers? Or is it that you yourself want to get rid of this habit? Whatever would be the reason, after an age counting on fingers looks quite clumsy

Most of the people start preferring devices like calculators, mobile phones and computers to do these normal routine calculations, but what if there isn’t anything available sometime? Will it give you an excuse to perform finger counting? Well no way!

So how exactly should you get rid of it?

The answer is to start performing mental calculations. Now, if you are wondering where would you learn to do mental arithmetic and how, then choose to study Vedic Mathematics course.

Vedic math is the fastest calculating system that encourages the use of mental arithmetic skills, and thus increases efficiency to solve complicated mathematical problems within seconds.

Along with increasing the mental calculation abilities it also provides other benefits that help you learn mathematics with ease. The Vedic math is a proven system that develops interest towards the subject, provides simplified approaches for deriving answers and improves accuracy.

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Mathematics: A Universal Language


Mastermind Vedic maths

Mathematics is a language that directly or indirectly becomes a means of communication universally. It will continue playing a central role in education of school curriculums and it is too significant to be ignored.


Whether poor or rich, everyone has to use math and numbers in their lives. Living without math is like living in void. It is applicable in every field and profession like IT, engineering, education, economics and business. It helps us in rationalizing the information and balancing the alternatives to make personal or professional decisions. Neglecting mathematics can prove to be an injury to all the knowledge. One may lose the opportunity to gain the insights of the world itself.


Many students do not want to or do not choose math as a major subject due to lack of confidence in dealing with numbers, which is often referred to as “math phobia”. This can also be attributed to the complexities in the mathematical formulas adopted by the metric system of mathematics.


Master Mind offers Vedic mathematics program, the ancient but simplest logical and fastest calculating system, that helps develop an interest in math. The program is centered to improve mental math skills so as to make an individual competent for an international platform and become impeccable in this universal language.